Upcoming Events

Second Sundays Wine and Painting @ Tel’Veh Cafe & Wine Bar
5:00 pm – 7:00 pm | 401 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington DC

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Extend the weekend and explore the world through art and wine. On the second Sunday of each month, Bold Strokes sets up “studio” in Tel’Veh’s beautiful dining area. Bar manager Kaine Gish and Bold Strokes owner Lindsay Anchors, introduce participants to the wines and art of various regions of the world, exploring a different region each month. With wine in one hand and a paintbrush in the other, participants are let loose to fill their canvases with the guidance of trained artists. Participants will leave buzzed on new knowledge, with their own original paintings to hang on their walls.

May 12 | Italy:  Italian Wines and Caravaggio

Tickets include:

    • Country/Region theme wine tasting (TWO glasses per person)
    • Country/Region themed art lesson
    • Happy hour menu (food and beverages)
    • Artistic guidance and encouragement while painting

and all necessary painting materials (brushes, acrylic paints, canvases, etc.).

Check out our Pinterest page for inspiration before and during the event.  We’ll post art and photos to match the themes of upcoming events.


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